I often have work for sale in galleries. The best place to find out where I'm exhibiting is through my News page or through Facebook - Dinny Pocock, Artist .


Please feel welcome to contact me directly if you are interested in buying piece of my work.
I'm happy to discuss a particular piece you might be interested in, and deadlines you may have.


Each piece is unique, so prices vary according to complexity and time taken in the making. When selling direct, my price reflects that of the latest gallery sales. As a guide, items such as the smallest Bobbin Birds start at £8O, Nutmeg Birds £160, through to 'Thread Bears' at £195 - £225, Jenny Wren on a Sewing Machine around £280, Hare Planes and Plane Sailing Bears from £370, and £395 - £425 for a Running Stitch Hare or Narrative Thread Bear on a vintage toy sewing machine.  Please do contact me if you need details for anything not listed above.


Bobbin Birds on vintage cotton reels (or spools), are a diminutive 6cm total height at their smallest, up to around 10cm.
Bears are 10 - 12cm (ish) standing upright on their woolly feet (not including anything they may be standing on), as are Hares, to the tips of their ears.  So a Hare like 'Fiddly Digits:Itchy Breeches' on a letter block is roughly 17cm tall in total.
The vintage block planes that the Plane Sailing Bears and Hare Planes use for boats are usually 15cm in length.