Needle-felting is a wonderful ‘kitchen table’ art form, that can be done almost anywhere and requires very few tools. I thoroughly enjoy guiding small groups (up to six people) through the process of creating a bird or bear. ‘Bobbin Bird’ workshops are usually one day events, though it’s been suggested by one of my ‘workshoppees’ that two days spent making two birds would be an attractive option!  Bear-making with me is always a two day quest.
Some of my workshops are organised by Art Centres, such as New Brewery Arts in Cirencester.  I’ll post details of these below, as and when they are arranged. 
Other workshops are organised by me, and again, dates and details will appear below on this page.
If you have friends keen to learn needle-felting, and you have a well-lit room that would accommodate up to six people wielding needles (plus myself), then an option is to arrange a workshop in your own home or venue. Please do contact me if this is of interest.

These images are just a few of the stellar results from my workshops, some by people who had never needle-felted before in their lives!


Saturday 9th November:  one day Bobbin Bird workshop in Cheltenham, £75. Please contact me directly through my contact page for booking and information

If you’d like to be among the first to know of further upcoming workshops, please get in touch through my contact page and I’ll email as soon as I have details, or revisit this page periodically.